Calvary Baptist Church Ministries

Calvary Connect Ministry

This is a fellowship ministry of Calvary Baptist Church. This ministry is designed to maintain unity of at Calvary Baptist Church. This ministry serves CBC’s homebound members, ill members, caregivers, new memebers, and visitors.

Connection is made through telephones, cards, personal visits, texts, lunch meetings, or anything else that keeps the line of communication and fellowship open. This is a weekly connection ministry and is vitally important to strengthen the spiritual fellowship and unity of Calvary Baptist Church. Every current and new members are encouraged to join some aspect of the CCM.

Pray & Go

This is a community prayer walk outreach ministry of Calvary Baptist Church. It’s a simple concept we use, walk around the neighborhoods of the community, one street at time, and pray each home. Leave a door hange prayer notice that the home has been prayed for by the church.

In this way, every home on a street knows that Calvary Baptist Church is praying for the community. In this way, the community knows that Calvary Baptist cares enough to life them up in prayer.

Vacation Bible School

This ministry is done each July after the Fourth of July week. Kids from around the community come here to find Jesus taught and lifted up through games, dance, crafts, and interactive bible lessons.

Operation Christmas Child

We have this ministry in November and December of each year. This ministry fills shoeboxes with items for children to send overseas to help spread hope to undeserved children with daily items and the gospel. We collect between 80 -90 boxes each year.